About Tammy Brightley

Health and Wellness Advocate utilising the power of Massage, Yoga and Sound Therapies

From ‘Too Busy’ to ‘Yoga’…

My life was like everyone else’s, you can probably relate – rushing here and there, working, bringing up my child, socialising, enjoying nice breaks with the family. 

A comforting structured cycle of eat, sleep, repeat, but without ever really being present, in the moment…. 

This was until a couple of years ago. I went on a yoga retreat to Costa Daurada in Spain.

I had been to one yoga class in my life many moons before. The practice of yoga spoke to my mind, body and soul in those four days in the mountains and now I’m completely hooked.

It has opened my eyes to a more holistic approach to well -being which I am keen to share with others through my various therapies on offer.

It led me to Transylvania and teacher training where I met some fabulous yogis, kindred spirits and beautiful souls…

I realised you are never too old to seek a new path, or a change of direction on this journey of life… you just need to trust ‘you’ in guiding yourself to peace and serenity 🙏 

My path to inner peace is taking many exciting twists and turns with the light always guiding me where I need to be.  I trust in me to get to where I am going but always enjoying the landscape on the way, there is no plan, I will arrive.

Tammy in a Yoga pose


To be content with stillness, calmness, and not being always busy is something I am truly grateful for.. it is medicine for the soul to find yoga and I hope you will dip your toes in the water and let me gently guide you to reach inside yourself too.



Yoga, a Definition:


Yoga postures create strength and endurance, improve circulation and energy flow, cleansing organs and other systems. Expands the muscles and joints.

Yoga exercises evolved thousands of years ago from the need to create a healthy body in order to move more readily to the state of oneness and realisation. A cluttered body filled with stress, tension and disease ,makes for a cloudy mind inhibiting the body in its quest to connect to the inner self.

’Atmana Atmanam pasyann Atmani tusyatif  –  Beholding the Self by the Self, one is satisfied in the Self ‘’  – The Bhagavad Gita